Efficiency means simplicity and results.

Bell Gateway ensures superior software development services. Our experts conceive for you personalized technical solution packages according the expressed needs and company profile. Whether we’re talking about our own, existing, licensed applications, which respond to the client requests, regarding adjusting, adapting, extending or restructuring an existing IT architecture, or whether we’re talking about creating personalized, turnkey applications from scratch, our specialists propose the optimum technological packages for your business development.

A partnership with Bell Gateway is the guarantee of the operational processes optimization. Our consultants substantially reduce the distance between the idea and business success through a simple and efficient collaboration.


Our experts analyze the company problems and objectives, together with the client. In this phase, all the business processes are studied in detail (resources, operational elements, strategic objectives etc.) and the goal of the project is established.


In this step, the Bell Gateway specialists propose the relevant technical solutions (the new IT structure and the implementation methodology) according to the goal of the project, and detail the action moves of the project (ex. development, migration and implementation).


In this phase the premises of the agreed application/solution functionality are created. Practically functional interfaces are built between the software platform and the client’s existing IT system (if the system exists), by relating the information elements (data bases, functions etc.). Or, if this is the case, an IT mechanism is presented and created from scratch.

Integration and validation

This phase allows testing and data migration in the test environment, to ensure flawless functionality.


In this step, the software platform is installed and launched into production.

Documentation and training

In the training phase the client is instructed how to use the Bell Gateway application correctly.

Post-launch support

After the launch of the technical solution, the Bell Gateway team ensures long term maintenance and support, according to the development needs of the company, optimizing the applications, and extending, upon request, its complexity.

What is a turnkey IT solution

Any IT system can be improved to better respond to a business objective, completing it. Bell Gateway analyzes every business coordinate of the client and conceives complete IT tools, which help the client achieve his goal rapidly and safely. This way, he benefits from the technological solution immediately, redefining, with the support of Bell Gateway, the entire internal operational management.

Competitive advantages of a modern IT infrastructure:

  • Business risk reduction
  • Internal and external flexibility increase
  • Operational time savings
  • Internal cost reduction
  • Rapid return on technological investment
  • Financial growth of 5%, up to 20%
  • Long term stability