We identify ourselves with our clients: leadership and business vision.

The Bell Gateway team has implemented complex IT projects, from consultancy, data bases, complete IT infrastructure design, personalized operational applications, to training programs. Each client has represented a challenge for us and an opportunity to evolve. We are proud of our solid partnerships with some of the most powerful brands in the world. The trust of our clients in the Bell Gateway services motivates us to become better and better.

Industrial sectors:

  • auto
  • telecom
  • advertising
  • transport
  • tourism
  • mobile telephony service
  • customer service
  • retail

Clients: Porsche Austria GMBH & CO, Porsche Romania, Porsche Ukraine, Porsche Serbia, Porsche Montenegro, Porsche Bulgaria, Porsche Macedonia, Porsche Albania, Porsche Kosovo – NATO US Division – KFOR Troops, Porsche Hungary, Porsche Bank Romania, Porsche Inter Auto Romania, Porsche Leasing Romania, Porsche Immobilien Romania, Porsche Mobility Romania, FAN Courier Express (3 agencies in Bucharest and 98 agencies nationally), TOTAL Telecom, Euristic Partner, Heat Advertising, and the entire Porsche global dealer network (over 200 companies).


Porsche Austria GMBH & CO

"Eight years ago, we made the decision to collaborate with BELL GATEWAY for developing software applications, and time has proved that we made the right choice; throughout the eight years, our partner provided us several innovative solutions, ensured us assistance and support at the highest standards, the way that only a global partner can offer.

Talking about innovative solutions, WHEELS represented a great challenge, but also a great accomplishment. Taking into consideration that we have offices, importers and dealers across Europe, it was mandatory to offer a unitary working platform for the auto order management, all with the lowest ownership cost possible for our partners. Because of the complexity of our business processes, the idea to implement a preexisting application, and adapt or even change part of our internal processes didn’t prove itself to be feasible. It wasn’t a customization process that we needed, but a completely new application, which was conceived to meet our specific needs.

BELL GATEWAY proved a profound understanding of our work flows and implemented a turnkey solution with functionalities that were perfectly adapted to our procedures and easy to integrate within our IT infrastructure. Even more, our dealers across Europe now have the possibility to insert, access and organize the necessary information through the Bell Gateway application, by using a simple Internet connection, and by paying only a small fee for the user license.

Year after year, as WHEELS proved to be such a functional application and such a "Porsche" tool, every time we open a new representative office, BELL GATEWAY is there, and one of the first installed applications is WHEELS".

Porsche Bank Romania

"In the banking sector, financial information management and control are vital. In that perspective, we decided to implement a customized solution, which was developed and integrated by BELL GATEWAY.

We were pleasantly impressed to discover that we benefit from a very intuitive application, with a friendly interface, which allows us to administrate our data bases, and to rapidly and easily access complex customer information (general and financial). Billing management is accomplished in real time. We can list and generate reports that help us monitor the status of invoices, payments and compensations, so that we can operatively adopt the necessary measurements to improve the cash flow.

What is also important and makes our work easier, by not being obliged to access several programs, to perform our daily activities, is the fact that the application contains an agenda module, in which we operate for sending emails, faxes and letters".

Porsche Serbia

"In a time when every Euro counts, and time is money, we became aware that simplifying de overall management system, regarding spare part import, is extremely necessary. We chose PARTS 2000, a BELL GATEWAY application, which was successfully used by other PORSCHE importers.

If the spare part order process was pretty complicated in the past, now, with PARTS 2000, we have instant access to stocks, by connecting to the PORSCHE factory data base through the Internet; in the same time, we place the orders that are sent to the factory, and, a big advantage, we have, in real time, the status of our orders. The application proved to be useful both for the acquisition and accounting departments, they can visualize the status of the issued invoices. Even a user that isn’t familiar with the solution can easily learn, in a few hours, how to operate it. The system is intuitive, it practically guides you through the options and functionalities".

FAN Courier Express

"We are the number one provider on the national courier services market, covering the entire Romanian territory, because of the fact that our main goal was to offer our customers the best services and solutions, with added value. To achieve that goal and to maintain our leader position, it was necessary to automate our business processes, to have a state-of-the-art IT system, which could help us interconnect our agencies, in real time. By implementing the CARGO application, which was conceived and integrated by BELL GATEWAY, we simplified our work flows, we can access critical data in real time, we have reduced the necessary time for processing and operating orders, and we have optimized our deliveries.

As a consequence, we have clients that are more satisfied with our services, we run our business more efficiently and with reduced costs, facts that lead to a fast return on investment".

TOTAL Telecom

"As a telecom provider, which operates on a very competitive market, to stay in the top we needed to think of new business strategies that could bring tangible benefits and, in the same time, minimize our operational costs. You can’t talk about productivity without the automation of business flows, so we decided that we need an intuitive tool, which can reduce the necessary time for transmitting, processing and centralizing information, to better conduct our business. There are several aspects that lead to us chosing the eMerge CRM, the most important being the fact that BELL GATEWAY came with a holistic approach of our needs, so that the customized solution, which they provided, could cover our entire range of needs. By extending the platform to several departments, the eMerge CRM gives us the possibility to manage all activities and information from one single central system. It helps us keep better records of leads and sale opportunities, to have a clear image of service cases and see the entire history of a client, this leads to better contractual relationships and sale increase. The real time access to information regarding contracts and the dates for renewals, allows our agents to act proactively before they expire, so that we don’t lose any more clients, and the renewal rate of the contracts has increased.

Through the access to the invoice module from the CRM solution, our customer care representatives can answer the invoicing questions rapidly, without losing any precious time by redirecting the clients to other departments. In conclusion, we highly recommend eMerge as a very efficient and flexible tool, which generates incomes".

Heat Advertising

"One of the biggest challenges in the advertising industry is organizing promotional campaigns. Whether we are talking about special occasions, promotional material distribution or image campaigns, we must find the right promoters according to the profile, appearance and skills that are specific for each project/event.

BELL GATEWAY provided us a priceless working tool: our website, http://promoteri.heat.ro, which functions both as a data base and a recruiting instrument. Since the moment that the website became operational, our work was a lot easier.

We don’t have to study hundreds of promoter profiles: the website does it for us. It is enough to check the selection criteria that we want and, in a matter of seconds, we have a complete promoter list which fulfills all the necessary conditions. We can post opportunities/projects, we can invite new promoters to sign in to our website, this way our data base is larger from one day to the next".