Bell Gateway exists for over 10 years on the IT solutions market for industrial leaders from around the world. With and through our clients, we reinvented the term exigency concerning IT infrastructures, proving that an intelligent software platform means differentiation, stability and financial growth, regardless of the activity sector. We like to create revolutionary IT architectures for our clients, which streamline internal processes, according to the business profile. That is why, our quality promise, No one Does IT Better, means responsibility to us, and you can find that asset inside each of our projects, through: dedication, impeccable services, innovative technological solutions, concrete results, flexibility and security.


Our passion is completed by logic and intuition.

Bell Gateway guides its entire activity after three basic principles, which are present inside both the internal management, and the technical projects that are implemented around the world:

  • Simplification: the accelerated speed of information delivery, using a minimum of integrated systems and databases.
  • Standardization: Reducing costs and maintenance cycles, by using open and available components.
  • Automation: Improving operational and technological efficiency and technology, by applying best practices.

Bell Gateway’s vision combines human values with technological innovation, to offer the clients futuristic solutions, financial growth, stability and long term security.

Value axis:
Performance » Respect » Competence » Determination » Leadership


More. Faster. Safer.

To us, reputation means performance. The Bell Gateway corporate policy follows a few central directions in all strategic and execution steps:

  • to respect every superior quality promise;
  • to overcome all client expectations;
  • to extend the application area of the technical services that we offer to the clients;
  • to develop long term relationships with other IT organizations;
  • to constantly grow the competences and internal high quality resources;
  • to continue to explore new ways of using the global know-how and technological resources, to innovate;
  • to put the corporate needs and confidentiality first;
  • to support the local and international business community;
  • to protect the environment through the used technologies.


More than involvement: determination and competence.

The Bell Gateway team stands out through high technical qualification, know-how and dedication. Our company invests in people, because they represent the most important development resource. You will discover a staff that acts and reacts with the determination to make things work excellently. To materialize this objective, the IT expert team relies on experience, inventiveness and continuous effort. Bell Gateway’s consultants own superior technical competences, such as: Microsoft Visual (VB, C, C++, C#), .NET, PHP, ASP/X, JAVA, ORACLE, MSSQL, SQL, PLSQL, all these are qualitatively completed by overall business vision, focusing on functionality and efficiency for all the complex activities of the clients.


More than results: experience and continuous improvement.

  • over 10 years of specialized know-how
  • over 20 front line experts
  • 24/7 technical assistance and support
  • over 300 brands in the client and partner portfolio
  • response time: immediate, up to 48 hours anywhere in the world
  • over 12 company licensed IT solutions